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New Forum

Post by vteven » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:17 am

You may have noticed some changes with the forum we are using. That is because it's a brand new platform with a more 'responsive' feel. It works well on mobile now too which is a huge step up over the old software. The themes been built from the ground up and as such there will no doubt be some bugs here and there, please let us know if there are any you find.

Next Up
The BiomeCraft forum will hopefully keep getting better and I'm thinking I will try and integrate it closely with the server somehow, maybe providing some sort of stats system or similar. There will also be events and polls that will be coming up soon that will directly effect the running of the server of which I urge you to contribute in as it will affect the server directly.

Great, anything else?
Not for now, please stay tuned for more updates as they come, your support is very much appreciated over this long long time (Years now).

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